The Renascence of eBooks has started!

About, a year and a half ago team of 2 simpleton writing enthusiasts thought of curating a platform that becomes an end to end solution for authors to publish, market, sell and scale their books online.

The idea was so non convoluted and unthoughtful that, “We will be the WordPress of book publishing”, were the exclamations we used to make jovially at our brainstorming sessions.

We are scaling now and we are scaling huge. From organizing a workshop for authors wherein, they were prompt to be the part of an extempore short story writing competition, which became “Fastest Book Ever Made- Collection of Short Stories from a  Workshop” to publishing 4 books in all, we have come a long way and still more sprints needed.

A Workshop that brought in a book within 2 hours.
A Workshop that brought in a book within 2 hours.

Sure, but who will read eBooks?

India is still in its baby steps towards the transition of technological medium such as eBooks, but we are getting there and Voice Verso really wanted to be the flag bearer for that. 96% of the market of Indian bibliophiles rely on Paperbacks and there is no denying on this fact. But, those other 4% are influencing the book market in a huge way. Plus, with eBooks and services used with Voice Verso, authors can sell their content globally without restrictions. An author writing a romance in India would be made available for readers in UK or an author writing the plight of Syrian War from India, would be made available in Syria too, such is the power of eBooks. Simple, yet efficient! And,who said we won’t  get into paperbacks. Well, we will! Just a matter of time.

Is Publishing with Voice Verso FREE?

Damn right, it is! We believe costing upfront payment packages is demotivating to the service of the art that we are for. So, we draw volatile royalties based on the premium services chosen by authors. The offered plans are –

Chose your appropriate Royalty plans and publish.
Chose your appropriate Royalty plans and publish.


Our babies that shined like diamonds and are making their mark to global reading diaspora are –

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Let’s build an ebook publishing revolution together.

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