How young Bengali artists came up with the anthology – Kolkata Catalogue?

Calcutta Apologue is a social media page which is growing really fast and has stormed out a phenomenal anthology named – Kolkata Catalogue. The book covers stories, tales, culture & scarce images from the streets of Kolkata. The eBook is compiled by artists, photographers, writers & poets from Kolkata. It also contains Calcutta Apologue’s most famous series of Conversation and the series of detective stories, Rohossye Rudra. It is a beautiful amalgamation of literature & knowledge of a typical Bong’s life.

We at Voice Verso have the opportunity to interact with the team to get the insights & as to how they came up with the idea of an anthology.

The book is garnering a wonderful response from the regional bibliophilic communities. It is captivating people to understand the root of the gullible culture of Kolkata.

The idea of Kolkata Catalogue is basically a brain-child of their CEO. He wanted to compile and publish an ebook that’ll convey the emotions of the city of Joy through art and literature. And Voice Verso made it possible. The book comprises various artistic aspects ranging from Bengali short stories to rarest of the photographs depicting everyday life in Kolkata.

Each of the stories and poems in this anthology talks about some aspects of the Bengalis’ life – be it their connection with the city, their tryst with Tagore, their rituals, their love for music and literature and of course, their obsession with fish and mutton curry! The Conversation stories, which Calcutta Apologue is famous for, speaks about the quintessential expressions of emotions of the Bengalis. The photographs are sure, would be a source of visual delight. Anyone with a knack for knowing the culture would definitely get an insight into what the Bengalis, term as ‘Bangaliyana’. They believe that the book will leave the reader with a long-lasting impression, which will transcend the confines of their mobile/Kindle screens and touch their souls.

It was amazing to see how a bunch of young artists running the most happening social media page named Calcutta Apologue;  imparting the education of regional literature.

With over 55 thousand followers on Facebook, ranging pan India as well as overseas, they get messages from people who understand Bengali but cannot read. They get messages from people who like to explore their culture and heritage. It is to cater to these sections of people that they have some Bengali content written in English font. They also mentioned that, sometimes, they get bashed by some passionate Bengalis for this (laughs). But, they believe that in a way, they are not just catering to the nostalgia of Bengalis, but promoting their culture and heritage to the people of other communities. Hence, the anthology Kolkata Catalogue is one such initiative.

The beautiful crossroads of social media and the heritage old culture of Kolkata is oozing through their book.  It imparts the beauty of the language that Kolkata represents & delivers literary education of how ‘Poriborton’ is around the corner.

You can find the book on Amazon & you can also review it on Goodreads

We hope Calcutta Apologue represents the true essence of Bengali culture & their book helps the world to dive deep into the beauty of Kolkata.

Kolkata Catalogue
Kolkata Catalogue

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